The Royal Family – above the law…

Some otherwise reasonable and savvy people, are are Mushy  Monarchists.

They talk the talk politically, but reserve the right to flop on the couch and wallow in a  a tedious documentary about the Queen’s best pals all being horses.

The Mushy Monarchists  justification runs thus…’oh come on it’s harmless pageantry and flags & good ol’ British tradition’. Such nonsense lets the upper classes sentimentalise inequality  & repackage unpleasant snobbishness as charming character traits.

But this whimsical narrative is shattered when members of the royal family are revealed to be above the law, meddling  and arrogant.


I’ll be the Judge

The laws don’t apply to the Windsors. Under UK law, the Sovereign cannot be prosecuted. Or even questioned apparently.

Prince Charles has long hung out with some dubious characters. Despite some desperate spinning by royal PR, Prince Charles’s  long friendship with Jimmy Savile is undeniable, his life guru Laurens Van Der Post impregnated a 14 year old girl ( lets not forget that Savile-and-Charles-660x553Van Der Post is Prince William’s godfather ). Recently, Charles sympathised with abusive bishop Peter Bell, lamenting the ‘monstrous wrongs that have been done to you’. He  gave the Abusive Bishop money, and then a house “not too far from here so you can come over more easily”. Aww. That’s nice.

Of course none of this association implies Prince Charles himself is guilty of anything so sinister – I am politically opposed to The Windsors, but no-one should be accused of anything so toxic unless there’s compelling evidence. So to be clear, I am not amongst the wilder fringes of the net insinuating against Charles.

But clearly, the legal process does not hold them to account.

Here we have a man who  no-one can question, but he readily admits he was deceived. A man who’s always ready to lecture us on ‘duty’, but REFUSED to give a legal statement to the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse.

Think about that for a second. An inquiry who’s stated aim is to ensure that children get ‘the care and protection from sexual abuse they need and deserve, now and in the future.’

Charles and legal staff REFUSE. A statement implies swearing an oath – and Charles lawyers shrugged, and said the court couldn’t compel him to release a statement. Why are they so concerned ?

Instead, they send a long letter, full of equivocation and ‘can’t remembers’ which was read out to everyones dissatisfaction.

One of the many things Charles couldn’t remember was who he was referring to in his letters when he told the Bishop he would  ‘see off this horrid man if he tries anything again’. How convenient.

After Savile, wasn’t there a collective moment when a shocked UK resolved that in the future, no stone would be left unturned, no matter who it upset ? Apparently not.

Before I bang the cyber gavel, , here’s a list of royal incidents where the current crop got away with it…

Prince Andrew rams gates to avoid 1 mile detour ( completely fine ).

Prince Harry out shooting, rare birds of prey shot in area…( nothing to see)

Prince Andrew goes to small house in London to meet with 17 year old girl who was trafficked across the Atlantic by a convicted paedophile ( seems legit )

_38495201_sketch150In fact the only court case where a member of Royal Family was held to account was when Princess Anne’s dog attacked a 7 year old and 12 year old, biting them on the collarbone and leg. Penalties for this crime could be a £5000 fine, 6 months in jail, and having the dog put down. Anne was told to pay £250 to each of the traumatised kids ( there’s no mention of an apology anywhere). The child biting bull terrier went home to eat steak. But a ended up eating one of the Queen’s corgis.

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4 thoughts on “The Royal Family – above the law…

  1. The question “Why are they [the lawyers] so concerned?” about Charles and a statement.

    I’ll answer that one:
    1. “Charles’ lawyers shrugged, and said the court couldn’t compel him to release a statement…” INCORRECT!
    In the UK the ONLY person usually EXEMPT from appearing in court is the monarch (so, currently, ERII).
    Charles would need a SUMMONS to be issued and SERVED on him
    BUT, once this had happened
    IF he ignored the SUMMONS, the PENALTY is:
    One year in prison
    A fine

    Remember, his mummy had marvellous memory powers driving in a car with Charles (which they don’t usually do for ‘security reasons’ on the day Paul Burrell was about to take the stand in Paul Burrell’s trial). That resulted in the trial being thrown out.
    BUT, the point about that was there had been ENDLESS conjecture about BOTH Charles AND William testifying in that case.
    If they COULD testify in THAT case – Charles COULD testify in Bell’s.

    So, going back to the question, “Why are [Charles’ lawyers] so concerned [about him testifying in court]?”
    An educated guess:
    You enter the witness box, place your hand on the bible, “do you promise to tell the truth…?” “yes”
    Charles’ lawyers were TERRIFIED he would say something on the stand that would be shown as COMMITTING PERJURY!


    There have been TOO MANY times in Charles’ life (1981):
    Archbishop Runcie: “Do you, forsaking all others, take this woman?”
    Charles: “I do”

    2000: “Do you plan on re-marrying?”
    Charles: “No”
    Windsor (2005): “Do you Charles… take this woman?”
    Charles: “I do”

    Where he has perjured himself.

    Charles’ lawyers KNOW they have to keep him away from a witness box, taking an official oath
    And, that’s my best guess WHY!


  2. People need to look at the wider picture.
    What exactly is the law?
    Does it come from God?
    Who else thinks himself above the law?
    In the Bible, Satan, just like the British Royal Family, also believed he was above the law.
    The law comes from God and no-one is above it. Queen Elizabeth, just before she pops her clogs, is getting booted into the face by God because she really believed that she and her spawn were above the law. What a sad way to die.


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