Hip hip Hurrah ! The Royal Family are falling apart…

This blog tries to cite specific hypocrisies and ways in which the royal family Made You A Moron ( © Sex Pistols). Not you of course. You’re enlightened.

The institution of The Monarchy changes over decades – maybe even centuries – rather than on a day be day basis. They used to be for slavery, now they’re against it. They used to disdain commoners, now they marry them.

But lets stop the daily jabber for a moment, to celebrate the startling news you don’t see printed in the deferential dailies.

The Monarchy is Falling to bits.

The wheels are falling off the golden coach & the whole circus looks tawdry and stupid. The flag waving crowds no longer show up (unreported). And it is only going to get worse….


The Queen is old and going…going…. Inevitably there will be a cataclysmic knicker wetting when she dies and the world will go mad….. but die she will.

All attempts at popularising Prince Charles have failed. He is not loved. Not respected. Has a whole back catalogue of idiotic statements. A stiff, old bore….out of touch and arrogant.

Prince Andrew is wanted by the FBI, for a very very serious and repellant crime – being involved with exploiting trafficked young women.

The Royal Family are in the shit if he goes to the FBI ( he wont) and in the shit if he spends the rest of his life helicoptering from palace to golf course at taxpayer expense

Of course it’s an absolute scandal and stain on UK life that he has not been held accountable for his actions ( thanks, mainly to taxpayer funded PR & The Queen).

Prince Harry has LEFT THE PALACE. As predicted by….er…none of the royal experts ( but yours truly called it long ago ). Truly he is The Prince Over the Water…but this one isn’t coming back. I’m not a devotee of Harry and Meghan, but they have done all that can realistically be expected to extracate themselves from the feudal shitshow. Royal on Royal attacks cause absolute consternation and confuse the puce faced “royal experts”. But the younger generation are very much #teammeghan.

Prince William – there are rumours of an affair, and there is not much charm visible. He and Harry have fallen out. If he’s the Great White Hope of the Monarchy…well. He commits the cardinal sin of being boring. He’s beige chinos in at an IT conference in Switzerland.

Culture has been mainly changing for the better – everyone is for diversity, equality, opportunity, meritocracy. So why is the public face of Britain still – one very rich, entirely white family who’s only qualification for the job their bloodline ? It’s self evidently preposterous. The rich and the conservatives love it, but c’mon people….object to this vulgar idiocy.

( it’s very disappointing that equality campaigners & diversity charities ignore this very obvious sore at the heart of British life. Gongs incentive deference.)

Cool Britannia ?

The UK is an odd country. Monarchy & empire have warped views and given a gaudy legitimacy to some awful takes.

But being optimistic…more and more people despise snobbery, more and more people embrace multiculturalism, more and more people require accountability from those in power. Shows like The Crown are fundamentally pro-monarchy, BUT they do show how damaged those within it are. Eyes are being opened. To even question the Firm is subversive.

And social media – and the decline of the grovel-sheets, means that – unlike the 1980s /90s – we have a voice.

If the monarchy is bleating brittle and fragile…..don’t go doe eyed.

Use your voice to blow it away. Convert Buckingham Palace into a museum – the tourists will flock, and your Aunty Margaret will have somewhere to opine “oh I did like the queen” and no-one will care.

Imagine of a future where the UK is not represented by old, dull, white aristocrats – one of whom’s wanted for sex trafficking.

Spread the gospel of a changed UK. The Green Party – with an explicitly anti-monarchy stance are already part of the Scottish Government. The era of fawning…is coming to an end.

( Winks at reader & flicks head towards Facebook button to encourage rebels to share this malarky)

2 thoughts on “Hip hip Hurrah ! The Royal Family are falling apart…

  1. Good read and you are politically correct. Many who were true royalists are no longer. Diana revived to Monarchy then after her death Royalists followed her boys. The comment I want to make is I have absolutely no understanding as to why Meghan is so hated by UK. Including yourself. The hateful coverage has destroyed the Monarchy. The hate that comes within that firm is totally why RF is irrelevant


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