The Royal Family Are Liars ( and always have been)

The Royal Family are liars. No ? You don’t agree ?

Well either Harry is lying ( “they were happy to lie to protect my brother” ) or the Palace is lying. Either way, it’s indisputable that a member of the Royal Family is lying.

But we should hardly be shocked. The Royal Family have been lying for centuries…. and are almost never held to account. They loftily issue statements from on high, and no-one – the deferential police, the right wing media, the grovelling politicians – ever dares to query their dubious version of events.

Recollections may vary…

The Palace lied about Epstein’s victims:

The Firm epitomise unaccountable power. The fawning and servile behaviour around the royal family is of course risible & comical, but their lies are not just white lies & the stuff of late night talk show snark. It also big lies, to corruption, that causes real world harm & trauma.

Prince Andrew’s truthful face

In 2015, when court action loomed, Prince Andrew and the palace, in an official statement ‘vehmently denied’ “any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts” and added: “The allegations made are false and without any foundation.” Essentially, they said the 17 year old girl, trafficked by notorious paedophile Epstein & notorious trafficker Ghislaine – was lying.

It went to court, and Prince Andrew’s lawyers called the victim ‘a money hungry sex kitten’. They then conceded – $10m dollars were paid out and a statement acknowledging the girl had “suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks”. The money ( our money ) was paid to ensure Andrew didn’t have to face a courtroom and explain why he – and the PALACE – were clearly lying. Please bear in mind, this was the all the might of the Monarchy – all those who work for it – doing whatever they could to trash the teenage victim.

These types of aggressive attacks on me are exactly the reason why sexual abuse victims typically remain silent and the reason why I did for a long time

Viginia Roberts, on the Palace Campaign, 2015

The Palace lied to protect a Nazi in the Family

This is a lie by omission. The Crown had an excellent episode about the Marburg Files – the documents the royal family tried to erase from history. It’s an extraordinary tale of treason (and I’d recommend reading about it). In essence, the Duke of Windsor eagerly collaborated with the Nazi’s, to the extent that he advised them that “Duke believes with certainty that continued heavy bombing will make England ready for peace.” 

There you go, the Queen’s uncle, advising Actual Nazis, that their best strategy to win the war was to kill English people and destroy London. The government, the family, the military all knew about this, but when the royal families wartime history is told, it’s all about ‘looking the East end in the eye’ and queenie volunteering to drive a truck. No-one mentions that The Duke of Windsor kept his title, lived a long luxurious life after the war, and King Charles regularly wrote to him.

The time they lied to hide the ‘shame’ of their mentally ill relatives

The Queen Mother, became the patron of Mencap in 1986 ( they still boast about this on their website ). Her patronage was appallingly hypocritical given vshe was complicit in hiding two of her own mentally disable nieces into a mental institution – in order to ensure their was no embarasment to the Royal Family ( the Queen Mother was unapologetically obsessed with bloodlines & eugenics ). The sisters – Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon were the Queen’s first cousins. But after being hidden away, their family told Debrett’s peerage ( the aristocracy Who’s Who ) that they….were dead. They were abandoned, never getting a card or a visitor. That was the lie – the disabled members of the family were dead. When the scandal broke in 1987, the Debretts publisher said… “It is not normal to doubt the word of members of the Royal Family.”

They lied about Love

For Broken Biscuits

Every wedding is presented as a ‘fairytale wedding’ for us gormless proles to stare at with dreamy eyed wonder. Even when…Charles and Diana are weeping the night before. As marriages strain over the years, there are documentaries & fawning reports about ‘long lasting’ love – despite the Penny Knatchbull, despite Camilla, despite Rose Hanbury looming around. They think we’re gullable and daft. You may say everyone is entitled to privacy within their marriage – and that’s normally true – but The Windsors are presented to us as eternally happy, good and worth the money.

And they tell little lies regularly…

After the ‘Where are you really from?’ racism incident recently, the Palace press office claimed ““We have reached out to Ngozi Fulani on this matter, and are inviting her to discuss all elements of her experience in person”. But days later Ngozi Fulani said noone had been in touch. Just a taxpayer funded office telling open lies in a blind panic to clear their own people.

There are many, many such examples – claiming to do one thing, but presenting no evidence and almost never challenged.

The point I’m making is – historically & culturally – The Firm find it very easy to lie, and even easier to ‘seed’ lies to their court of sycophants & media cyphers – ‘palace sources’ gives a story credibility, but also, is deniable if things go sour.

It’s extraordinary. Nobody holds them to account. Nobody calls out the bullshit, big and small. To even question their version of events is seen as an affront.

( this….is a partially a RT / Share on Facebook plea, to inspire critical thought about royal coverage)

Tales of King Charles that the BBC Won’t Tell You…

Propaganda is about what is emphasised. It’s not some ornate conspiracy to delude us, it’s just that those who inform us are very selective about how our attention & engagement is directed. Conditioning, if you like.

When ‘reporting’ royal stories, they almost never foreground anything that could upset the establishment image. Even if it’s important.

So allow me to offer some sort of a corrective – stories about King Charles for your consideration…

1.King Charles has encountered a shocking amount of paedophiles in influential positions – Chazzer’s hero was Louis Mountbatten (who acccording to FBI files had ‘a perversion for young boys’), his guru was Laurens Van Der Post ( who impregnated a 14 year old girl he was supposed to care for ), one of his best friends and advisors was Jimmy Savile . He even bought An Actual Fucking House for Bishop Peter Ball, claiming that he felt strongly about the ‘monsterous wrongs done to you’.

One of Peter Ball’s victims was 12 years old. ( Ball pleaded guilty ).And there’s Prince Andrew. Anyway, basically that’s…Role model, mentor, friend, spiritual advisor and brother – all guilty of horrendous abuses.

To be very clear, I am not accusing the King of being involved in paedophilia ( I have no evidence and it’s a heinous accusation to make ) but…. what a dumb buffoon. He cannot judge character.

This was when Charles advocated coffee enemas to cure cancer.

2. King Charles has a head full of broken biscuits. He’s a thick person’s idea of a clever person. He prees himself as though he is an environmental prophet (when in fact, he’s an environmental hypocrite), and he’s prone to pronounce on issues he knows nothing about and has absolutely no training in. Despite only getting 2 A-levels ( B in history, C in French ) he got into Cambridge – yeah I know – where they gave him a middling 2:2.

3. He was completely horrible to his young wife. Diana was a teenager, he was 30 when he proposed. They met a mere 12 times. She found out he was still obsessed with Camilla. She cried and cried and tried to call off the wedding. He cried too – but was too pathetic to call of the wedding. They got married. And a gallery of grotesque sycophants celebrated the Fairytale Wedding.

4. He loves to kill for fun.. Charles loves fox-hunting and killing things more generally. He threatened to leave the UK if foxhunting was banned ( I mean, c’mon that’s what you choose to take a stand on ? He was quoted as telling Blair that he “would not dare attack an ethnic minority in the way that supporters of fox hunting were being persecuted”. ).

5. The coveted idea of ‘responsibility’ & ‘duty’ is dubious. If you’re in his position – a billionaire head of state who’s eager to be seen as an envrionmentalist – you don’t accept….bags full of cash from Oil Despots. He refused to face questions or take the stand in the Independent Inquiry in to Child Sex Abuse instead sending a letter. If you’re supposed to embody the highest standards in public life you don’t call your asian friend ‘Sooty’.

Anyway, that’s your King folks. That you pay for. That you are told to revere. Ant & Dec will never tell you this, nor any of the other royal documentaries that the palace have almost complete control over.

My favourite letter about Charles. I wondered who dared to publish such searing truth ? Turns out it was Viz.

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