Tales of King Charles that the BBC Won’t Tell You…

Propaganda is about what is emphasised. It’s not some ornate conspiracy to delude us, it’s just that those who inform us are very selective about how our attention & engagement is directed. Conditioning, if you like.

When ‘reporting’ royal stories, they almost never foreground anything that could upset the establishment image. Even if it’s important.

So allow me to offer some sort of a corrective – stories about King Charles for your consideration…

1.King Charles has encountered a shocking amount of paedophiles in influential positions – Chazzer’s hero was Louis Mountbatten (who acccording to FBI files had ‘a perversion for young boys’), his guru was Laurens Van Der Post ( who impregnated a 14 year old girl he was supposed to care for ), one of his best friends and advisors was Jimmy Savile . He even bought An Actual Fucking House for Bishop Peter Ball, claiming that he felt strongly about the ‘monsterous wrongs done to you’.

One of Peter Ball’s victims was 12 years old. ( Ball pleaded guilty ).And there’s Prince Andrew. Anyway, basically that’s…Role model, mentor, friend, spiritual advisor and brother – all guilty of horrendous abuses.

To be very clear, I am not accusing the King of being involved in paedophilia ( I have no evidence and it’s a heinous accusation to make ) but…. what a dumb buffoon. He cannot judge character.

This was when Charles advocated coffee enemas to cure cancer.

2. King Charles has a head full of broken biscuits. He’s a thick person’s idea of a clever person. He prees himself as though he is an environmental prophet (when in fact, he’s an environmental hypocrite), and he’s prone to pronounce on issues he knows nothing about and has absolutely no training in. Despite only getting 2 A-levels ( B in history, C in French ) he got into Cambridge – yeah I know – where they gave him a middling 2:2.

3. He was completely horrible to his young wife. Diana was a teenager, he was 30 when he proposed. They met a mere 12 times. She found out he was still obsessed with Camilla. She cried and cried and tried to call off the wedding. He cried too – but was too pathetic to call of the wedding. They got married. And a gallery of grotesque sycophants celebrated the Fairytale Wedding.

4. He loves to kill for fun.. Charles loves fox-hunting and killing things more generally. He threatened to leave the UK if foxhunting was banned ( I mean, c’mon that’s what you choose to take a stand on ? He was quoted as telling Blair that he “would not dare attack an ethnic minority in the way that supporters of fox hunting were being persecuted”. ).

5. The coveted idea of ‘responsibility’ & ‘duty’ is dubious. If you’re in his position – a billionaire head of state who’s eager to be seen as an envrionmentalist – you don’t accept….bags full of cash from Oil Despots. He refused to face questions or take the stand in the Independent Inquiry in to Child Sex Abuse instead sending a letter. If you’re supposed to embody the highest standards in public life you don’t call your asian friend ‘Sooty’.

Anyway, that’s your King folks. That you pay for. That you are told to revere. Ant & Dec will never tell you this, nor any of the other royal documentaries that the palace have almost complete control over.

My favourite letter about Charles. I wondered who dared to publish such searing truth ? Turns out it was Viz.

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The Royal Family and the Environment

A much loved National Figurehead. And Prince William.

From their Private Jets, emerging from their huge palaces, leaning out of their landrover windows – the Royal Family love to lecture us that WE must do something to save the planet.

The unfolding Environmental Catastrophe does need urgently addressed. It is indeed the most cataclysmic threat of our time.

Prince Charles egotistically bores around claiming that he invented environmentalism and Royal PR eagerly shoves the Queen alongside David Attenborough and comes up with documentaries like The Queen’s Green Planet. Attenborough should place a stalking restriction on Prince William, as baldy is always elbowing in like they are bezzies.

But Oxfam tells us, that – in fact – the worlds Wealthiest 1% were responsible for more than double the emissions of the poorest 50%

Do the royal family question multinationals ? Do they critique captialism ? Do they set any sort of example by downsizing out of a palace ? Do they cut back on private jets, or even stop flying altogether ? Do they even do low bar gestures like stop burning their Grouse Moors up at Balmoral ?

Do they point out that the Rich are Disproportionately responsible for the mess of the planet ? They’re pals with Richard Branson, do they point at him and say – it’s his fault ?

Of course not.

Prince William goes with the golf club bar idiocy theory – too many people . The offensive idea being if there weren’t so many babies being born in Africa having children then Willy and his polo playing chums could continue to swan about in their Landrover Discoverys.

Father of 3, Prince William, criticises population growth

In 2020 Prince Charles was giving a speech to scientists in Cambridge about the need to lower aircraft omissions. Charles arrived in a private helicopter.

And then recently, the Queen abused her position to exempt herself from a very moderate environmental plan to cut carbon emissions. This is the opposite of making an effort.

This is refusing to make any effort whatsoever, even if it means having to actually interfere to change the law.

The richest people, are demonstrably, most responsible for the climate.

The Royal Family are apologists and legitimisers of the rich. They are friends with Plutocrats and Oil sheiks.

Don’t tell US what to do. Tell the Sultan of Bruei. Tell your royal pals in Kuwait, in UAE. Tell Qatari Royal Family.

I did love when Greta Thunberg met Chaz though. No fawning. No curtseying. No primped up in a stupid dress. Greta looked at him in a – This is a Waste of Everyone’s Time way ( of course reported sycophantically as a meeting of minds)

The Royal Family are occasionally right about the environment.

But by championing it, they immediately depoliticise the issue. They are symbols of conservative culture. They enable corporations. With no qualifications or expertise, Prince Charles – and now William – lecture us from their yachts and palaces.

Maybe when they close down their huge palaces, when they refuse to fly in private jets, or in first class, or in jets, or at all – when they replace their convoys of Bentley’s and Rolls Royces with a bike…

Then we’ll listen.

But until then. STFU HRHs.