Welcome, enlightened readers.

The royal family are a ridiculous curse on British life. Culturally, politically, financially.

Yet the media relentlessly, and uncritically praise the royal family, and generally overlook their misdemeanors.

So this blog sets to counteract that bias. To point out their flaws, their corrupting effect, their idiotic ideas

Please follow my fist waving and V-flicking on twitter @unroyalreporter.

And this is a revolution of ideas – your job is to disseminate and share – if you can’t get to the Mall and wave a burning pitchfork, then please…share blog posts on Facebook or twitter. Cause a ripple.

Go on ya big rebel you.

And when the Windsor family move out of the palace, everyone who’s shared a blog post will get a Free Bottle Of Wine From the Royal Cellars*

*not strictly true. And, it won’t be free anyway. Taxpayer has already forked out.

Nothing weird at all.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Keep it up my friend. There are millions who agree with you, probably even a majority of the population (see the Yougov survey). I have been a member of Republic for twenty years or so, joined the protests during the Jublilee, made a couple of speeches against them and regularly post anti-royal comments on the news websites. I post on the DM ( amongst others), only because it is the most widely read news website, and have gathered approx 210,000 votes for my comments and 120,000 against. I believe we republicans are already a majority. I had planned to start an anti royal blog such as this but youve beaten me to it – well done. I have a fair bit of material and a good knowledge of the royals dodgy ways and history. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  2. Brilliant satire, I applaud a good roasting of the conceited and antiquated awfulness of Aristocracy with the flames of hilarious ridicule… here’s to poking (numerous) holes in the royal bubble, exposing the farce and the fraud of it all.

    You got me laughing from half way around the world in Seattle, glad I stumbled upon your place.


  3. Bravo! Love your blog! You should take a look at the blog of Owen Barder (owen.org) as he shares a brilliant post about ‘Six Reasons to Oppose the Monarchy’ with fabulous images from ‘Spitting Image’ (how I loved that programme!)
    Keep up the great work and yes, I follow you on twitter…


  4. How is it possible for a BBC reporter to write this bilge??


    BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond says: “There’s no need to drop towards the floor clutching your skirts in the presence of a Royal Highness. Ladies (and gents) are permitted a bow, or even a (significant) inclination of the head. More than a nod, please.

    “If you are going for the curtsy you want a straight back, to mitigate the chances of toppling forwards into a Royal personage. Overdoing eye contact might be seen as showing off.

    “Do not curtsy too deep. Obviously struggling to return to a standing position is judged unseemly in royal circles.
    “Finally, do not appear too smug as you complete the flawless curtsy.”

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