Why bother ?

In a fevered world of drowning polar bears and fat zillionaires crushing the fragile skulls of tear stained orphans – why EVEN bother to get steamed up about the antics of a dullard family called The Windsors ?

Is contemptuous indifference not the best reaction ?

Alas, ignoring them is not an option…

Because no matter how dull, how irrelevant, how bland the activity, how lame the joke, how risible the premise – their activities are plastered approvingly across our newspapers and trumpeted through our TV screens  – there’s no escape – and perhaps more disconcertingly, the coverage implies that Everything These Rich Clowns Do Is Important And Ordinary People Should Pay Attention To.

So turn the page ? Switch over.

Nope. Get annoyed. The relentlessly sycophantic coverage is an affront – it presumes we are all either bovine  peasants who’ve staggered out of the Haywain and like to stare slack jawed awe at Pretty Princesses, or worse that we are Hyacinth Buckets who who embrace the entire hierarchical, feudal notion of modern class structure and our place in it ( looking upwards,  paying our taxes to the 1%, not asking questions ).

The wretched  corn beef faced royals can’t be avoided – they need publicity to maintain the feudal freakshow. And as long as people don’t complain, the BBC, The Mail, the entire foreign press categorize everyone in the UK as sycophantic Windsor bum crawler.

Social media offers a chance to challenge those perceptions, to provoke, to ridicule.

So be visible. Offend your sister Who-Quite-Likes-Kate. Argue. Tweet. Roll your eyes in the office.  Say you think the queen looks like a sour faced ol’ trout.

And in this blog, Revolting Subjects will argue as to why the royal family are symptomatic – in fact, emblematic –  of some of the bigger problems in the world.

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