Meghan 2 Monarchy 0

Let me welcome Prince Harry to the Republican cause. He’s completely right, they are all trapped.

The Monarchy is an institution that damages the family within it, and – much more importantlly – the millions that have to live with its toxic effects on our political culture.

Harry your weird family are victims of it, and warped by it. Of course, I don’t feel much sympathy for toffs in palaces, but they are just dumb poshos who are harnessed to sell an unfair society, to make poor people clap rich people in gold coaches. The rich being cheered by the thick to placate the poor.

Queen says riding in her gold state coach is 'horrible' experience | UK  News | Sky News

Harry appears to realise that the bovine fans of the monarchy are the ones who buy the tabloids, who give approval ratings for their children, who demand that royals perform to affirm their infantile little visions of Old England. That’s the trap.

I enjoyed Meghan’s articulation of the sheer absurdity of Windsor Land. Imagine your boyfriend panicking because you were going to meet his granny and you didn’t know how to perform a deep curtsey. Think about that for a moment. It’s utterly ludicrous.

As per usual, the analysis has been woeful, with Republic barely appearing anywhere. They probably weren’t invited. Instead a litany of ‘royal experts’ were paraded to snootily pass judgement ( some where eager to pass judgemeent before the interview was even broadcast. This is also known as lying. )

The framing was all Team Meghan or Team Monarchy. As opposed to asking… how on earth can a modern country have such a risible family as head of state? So the rest of the world now thinks that Britain is a country that has ‘concerns’ about skin colour? How can things be expected to improve when the Dullard Fox Hunting Military Loving Windsors are the only applicants to inherit the job ? No people of colour, no Catholics, no Jewish people, no one except Windsors.

Of course they’re institutionally racist – Colonialism was instigated in THEIR NAME. The queen mother was a big fan of Cecil Rhodes. They embody the very idea that they are superior to other races, to other people, to you and me, to….everyone. The Church tells Betty she was Anointed By God.

That’s why the Queen demands her own family to bow and curtsey to her.

It’s clear that the skin colour remark was made by either Prince Charles or Prince William. Neither are popular. The queen will go, and thank god, it’s going to be rocky.

Just get rid of this corrupt feudal shit show.

Stop them influencing our laws. Stop them hiding from the FBI. Stop them dodging tax.

Stop the relentless and creepy exploitation of their kids. Stop glamourising inequality. Stop conflating Toff Tory Values with Nationaly Held Values.

Lets end with a wee jokey tale:

Prince Charles is out riding and meets a local on his land. “Get Orff My Land” bellows Charles.

Local: Why is it your land ?

PC: Because I inherited it from my mother….

Local: Where did she get it ?

PC: Erm…from her father

Local: And him ?

PC: From his father before him. And all the way back for generations.

Local: So how did you first ancestor get a hold of this land ?

PC: erm….they Fought for it.

Local *rolls up sleeves* ok then….Get orff your fucking horse

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