Criminal Royal Arrogance

If this photo didn’t exist, there’d be no story because the press would believe the palace..

It’s understandable why Prince Andrew thinks he can just ignore the scandal and…in due course…it will disappear.

Because, generally speaking, that’s what happens with royalty – bland, unremarkable, prosaic behaviour is hysterically celebrated, whilst deviant, corrupt and crass is ignored, or swept under the nearest expensive rug. ( in fact, it already happened, a couple of years after the Epstein Scandal broke the first time round, the newspapers quickly returned to praising Prince Andrew.)

None of the taxpayer paid flunkies surrounding the Windsors dare say ‘No’ to a member of the royal family. They are not managers, they are courtiers.

97 year old Prince Phillip insists he can drive despite the fact that he seems barely able to speak – Of Course Sir.

Prince Charles suddenly fancies landing the plane on a runway – great idea Sir.

How’s about he gives a paedophile a house ? Straight away Sir.

And now Prince Andrew declaration that he’d help FBI has come back and bitten his sweaty mitts. It’s significant that the law enforcement agency that are exasperated with him are not the deferential British cops.

The point is, the Royal Family are completely unaccountable. They have a lifetime of refusing to explain themselves or having to justify their behaviour to anyone, least of all peasants. Deference rules.

It mirrors & reinforces societies structure- the rich don’t have to explain themselves, the laws don’t apply to them, it’s impertinent to even question them….

The Windsors are protected by state secrecy. Exempt from Freedom of Information requests. Their mistakes are glossed over by expensive PR agencies. Their misdemeanours are indulged. Written off as ‘gaffes’..

How can it not breed appalling, obnoxious, arrogance? This sycophantic system – this secrecy, almost guarantee’s scandal

Can you imagine what we DON’T know?

The press are relentless cheerleaders for the royals, please share on Facebook and Twitter. Go on, you’re never going to get a medal anyway.

One thought on “Criminal Royal Arrogance

  1. Exactly on point. In most countries, if you allow your children around alleged pedophiles, Child Protective Services will get involved. Prince William & Kate ALLOWED their children to go to Christmas at Sandringham. Where did Andy spend Christmas? Sandringham. Meghan got her child out and is protecting him. Bravo Meghan!

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