Prince Andrew – Barely Regal…..


Prince Andrew, is repellent.

There are many scandals associated with the boorish, rude, cocky clown ( just remember he represents ‘us’ around the world. *slow clap*).

There’s the fact that he sold his crappy tasteless house in circumstance that reek of corruption…..

And that you could buy an audience with him….

And that a man on a ‘modest naval pension’ this year bought a ski chalet for £13m ?

But for the sake of brevity, lets focus on the most obvious scandal.

I’m quoting from this excellent article in Vanity Fair….

As the article reveals, in 2010, a journalist called Buckingham palace and revealed they were about to publish an interview with….

a young woman named Virginia Roberts, who claimed that the billionaire American money manager Jeffrey Epstein had trained her as an under-age prostitute and flown her to London in 2001, when she was just 17 years old, for the express purpose of spending time with Prince Andrew “

“According to Virginia [ she was recruited ]  as Epstein’s “sex slave” when she was 15 years old and arranged for her to see Andrew three times, in London and New York and on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little Saint James. She said she’d been “sexually exploited by Epstein’s adult male peers, including royalty.”

This Photo. Will. Never. Go. Away.
This Photo. Will. Never. Go. Away.

None of this has been explained adequately. Study the incriminating sleazy photo of Andrew’s Windsor’s fat sweaty mitts on a vulnerable young girl who’s been trafficked to him – can you imagine any MP or public servant who’d survive such a sleazy snap ?  Without even being questioned about it ? The more recent ‘charges’ against Andrew may not be being pursued – but this is a technicality, not an exoneration.

Think about it. Look at her.

She’s a young girl. Who was groomed and exploited by a convicted paedophile. Was flown to London. And she was ‘given’ to Prince Andrew Duke of York. Or, in laymans term, a grotesque old rich pervert who thinks he’s above the law.

Can you think of an innocent explanation ? Why did Andrew go to meet her and why was a 17 year old  from Florida accompanied by Robert Maxwell’s daughter?

Fortunately for Grand Old Duke Of York, he’s not held to account because of the media’s supine attitude to royalty. In his presence royal “journalists” refuse to put him on the spot. Forget Monarchists versus Republicans, you’d hope that for the sake of a disturbed young woman they’d at least have the moral courage to ask….  ‘Mr Windsor – can you explain why a teenager was flown in a paedophile’s private jet to meet you in private ?’  (come to think of it – how is this ugly man actually allowed into schools and near young people ? ).

Virgina Roberts was 17 when she met 51 year old Prince Andrew. In UK terms, this doesn’t constitute a crime. But it sickens us all. Workers pay taxes and fund this sleazebag’s repellent lifestyle. Oh, and make sure you call him Your Royal Highness.

There are plenty of blogs online that will scream accusations against the royals of paedophilia. I am not one of them. It’s a heinous accusation and though there are many unanswered questions – there seems to be no actual evidence and my objection to the monarchy is political. But the Virginia Roberts story exposes how the secrecy laws surrounding the royal family – exempt from Freedom of Information requests allowed greater personal privacy that others – is horrific and unjust.

So what can be done ? Not a lot it seems. There was a suggestion of a BBC panorama about Andrew, but there’s no sign of it. The royal family arrogantly refused to even look at legal documents.

Of course, the blinkered fawning monarchists will declare that The Queen can run her household and discipline her children.

So what did Elizabeth Windsor do when her favourite son was accused of having a  groomed teenager trafficked to London for his use  ?

She gave him the highest medal for service to the queen.

Then, earlier this year, after the toxic scandal resurfaced, the queen…. made Andrew Vice Admiral of the Navy.

Amazingly, even some of the hardcore royal press pack were sickened….( this is the Express’s reporter’s tweet)

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 16.49.47

Anyone reading our press would assume that we all have a bovine love and for the ugly toffs of the Windsor family.

So please retweet and share on facebook.

Don’t criticise the media, become the media.

4 thoughts on “Prince Andrew – Barely Regal…..

  1. I think the problem is wider than you describe, Andrew just being a grubby pawn in a bigger game. Clearly both here in the 1970’s 80’s, and ongoing, plus in the USA, important people are lured into these underage honey traps for the purpose of blackmail. Even parliamentary whips knew of this and made use of it. The intelligence services are involved. But what is the wider aim ?
    Just look at Epstein’s address book, also Elm guest house visitors. We will probably never know, too big, files destroyed, perpetrators develop dementia, die etc.
    It would not only bring down governments, but whole systems.


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