Ruddy Prince Charles, the Jar Jar Binks of the Windsors

Prince Charles. Even saying his name is like a sigh or a roll of the eyes.

A deep depression ( and a weather map )
A deep depression ( and a weather map )

His full name is  Charles Phillip Arthur George Mountbatten Windsor  (aka Prince Charles aka The Prince of Wales aka The Duke of Rothesay ) but c’mon folks, get a grip – this is 2015, not 1715.  Look beyond the grandiose titles these clowns anoint themselves to remind you that they consider themselves above you. So what do we see ? A morose, dim, arrogant, uncharismatic, meddling ol’ dullard who you wouldn’t want to sit next to at a wedding.

Yeah yeah, poor Charles –   I know,  yeah yeah, uncaring mother , an aggressive tyrant father ( Jonathan Dimbleby reports that Phil The Greek would ‘seem intent on correcting the Prince but mocking him as well, so that he seemeed to be foolish and tongue tied in front of friends and family…the small boy was frequently reduced to tears ‘ – awww, the role model family ). Bullied at school ( he wrote to the queen to tell her he was getting battered but as is the form for posh people, she ignored him).  He  meets Diana 13 times then gets married to the teenager sloane.

Being in the monarchy fucks people up and if they weren’t so steeped in it’s stupid upper-class snobby ethos they’d figure that out and waltz away ( see my tender plea to Willz)

But we’re stuck with Charlie Windsor the damaged moany faced Meddler. In British culture there’s always been  a weird tradition of indulging and in fact celebrating the eccentricities of the posh.

But, please lets not celebrate a man who….

Despite his privileged education,   he has only 2 A-levels ( B in history, C in French, this was good enough to get him into Cambridge, please don’t try this at home kids )… yet happily lectures healthcare professional that coffee enemas can cure cancer Eh..actually….no, you’re alright Charles, I’m fine with tea thanks.

My favourite letter about Charles. I wondered who dared to publish such searing truth ? Turns out it was Viz.
My favourite letter about Charles. I wondered who dared to publish such searing truth ? Turns out it was Viz.

Nor has Oul’ Carbuncle Face  has no architectural training whatsoever but decrees what architecture should be, abusing his position and promoting the tweeville town Poundsbury…He’s an eager fox hunter and has a werido Haywain vision  of the countryside, he once complained that farmers are being treated worse than “blacks or gays”. A couple of years ago one of his Countryside Heroes was a ‘scyther’. Yeah, Chaz –  you’re so taking the pulse of country life !

I could go on about this self proclaimed ‘enemy of the enlightenment’ – and the damage he does.

Where does he get the confidence ? Well, surrounded by flunkeys, yes-men and a media who report every Posh-Fud-Has-An-Opinion story as if Moses himself had come back from the palace with tablets of stone. As always with royal bumfawnery – there is no context given – nobody questions whether Prince Charles has any authority or expertise. He’s never interviewed or held to account.

Hilariously, Charles even has the temerity to criticise others for aspiring  – those who believe they could be “pop stars, High Court judges, TV presenters or heads of state” without putting in the effort ( putting in the effort means….falling out of a windsor womb).  So much for all that Prince’s Trust guff  ( do not get ideas above your station young people.)

The most incredible story has been the saga of the Spider Letters.

The palaces rationale for keeping them secret….that they would “seriously damage” Charles role as monarch if they were disclosed is beyond parody. The plebs can’t see his letters to the government because if they plebs saw this buffoon’s attempts to meddle in democracy,  they might demand a bit more democracy.

This morning, the supreme court ( were the judges swear allegiance to Charles’s mummy ), ruled that we DO have a right to see Daft Chaz’s “particularly frank” interventions on public policy. It’s an absolute scandal.

Come On Guardian, get them published right now…after all The Sun reported on Wednesday that David Cameron has told Charles that he will attempt to change the law to prevent the letters ever being released.

Get your pitchforks, get your flaming torches, head for the palace…this is going to be fun.

4 thoughts on “Ruddy Prince Charles, the Jar Jar Binks of the Windsors

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  2. What irks me is that this bat-eared bumblefuck is the chancellor of the University of Wales. To think of all the brilliant minds which, nominally at least, are subordinate to this almost totally unremarkable, spam faced duffer solely because of the cunt he was farted out of, and the timing of the aforementioned event.


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