Meghan is a good argument against the Monarchy.

Meghan is utterly eclipsing the rest of the whingey Windsors.

She’s smart. She is undeniably beautiful, she is mixed race, she is a feminist, she has a natural warmth compared to the frigid awkward one note Royal Family..

yeah…about that.

Ridiculously, one of the reasons that people are mesmerised by Meghan is that she can speak with some charm and humour. She can handle fame. She knows how to do an interview. The job of the royal family is to be smile, feign interest in ordinary people. and play up for the media.

Meghan exposes how utterly pathetic Harry, Kate, William, Charles, the Queen et al are at these fundamental aspects of their job. Think about Prince Charles and his hesitant mumbling whinges, his charisma bypass. Think of shy William blazering and balding around nodding earnestly. Watch as Harry almost shrinks when interviewed alongside his fiance…

Meghan is disruptive, albeit not on purpose.

Sycophantic royal reporters argue that she’s ‘modernising’ the Monarchy.’

No, she’s not. Her presences is exposing how drab and bad at they are at their job. Wags have dubbed the British Monarchy Celebrity Feudalism. Meghan is now the star turn. And if she is better at being a royal than the royals are….well…why don’t we follow this through and just get a load of attractive celebrities to be our figureheads ? The Netflix Crown is so much more entertaining than the British Crown. Lets just CAST them.

And recently a very nasty, reactionary tone to some of the reporting – as if HOW VERY DARE SHE COME ALONG AND BE SMARTER, BETTER LOOKING, AND BETTER AT CHARMING PEOPLE THAN OUR ENGLAND’S ROYAL FAMILY.

Uncle Andrew, what would you do if you met a young woman from America ?

Does anyone think she’ll still be here in a decade ? My objection to monarchy is primarily political, so I don’t wish unhappiness on anyone – but unlike Stepford Royal Wives – Meghan has history – a glam career in LA, with luxury friends and freedom. She’s lived a bit. She’s not a mute.

For now she’s imprisoned in a world of uptight Brits and stilted palace protocol. Obsessives watching her every move. But for the rest of her days ? Really. ? Draughty Balmoral in Aberdeenshire in 2022 ? Nope, she’ll go back to California sooner or later, and will long to see the back of the hunting, polo and public school dullard set. Maybe Harry will go with her.

So where’s the republican vitriol you’re asking ?

Of course, to anyone over 7, the whole idea of a Princess is preposterous, and a feminist Princess is an oxymoron. The ridiculous titles – I believe she’s the Duchess of Dumbarton ( here poor people, have some celebrity crumbs ) and the ostentatious wealth, clothes, wardrobe leave a bad taste. But try as I might I can’t resent Meghan the way I loathe the rest of the Windsors. In the same way that I don’t resent American tourists for being curious about royalty ( c’mon, tourism is about gawping at local oddities) but will happily mock British monarchists.

So to conclude….when the Palace burns and the royals are being forced out at the end of a pitchfork, I might get a wee selfy with Meghan – just before I lock the gates.

Our media is filled with relentless royal sycophancy. Please Facebook-asize and Tweet And Do your Shit.

5 thoughts on “Meghan is a good argument against the Monarchy.

  1. she is fake and has had lots of work done on her face so hardly ‘beautiful’, she is as bad as the rest of them: entitled and greedy, that’s why they let her in

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    • I am always disappointed by the desire to rely on misogyny (and in respect of the allegations of plastic surgery) lies in order to bolster arguments. The notion is simple: the monarchy has long existed and its inception and reign was premised on political power. With each country they colonised, their political power grew and so did their stature. Fast forward to 2021, in a world where colonisation is no longer allowed and politics is (usually) solved through votes/referrenda the royals don” know what their place is In the world. One solution is to focus on diplomacy and philanthropy; but once again the context of their value being obfuscated by the media who erroneously suggest that royals are dutiful when they kowtow to the tabloids fosters an arbitrary and unnecessary competition. The Sussexes (it appeared) where winning in this game of “Who Get’s The Most Attention” based on their experiences during the Oceania tour and Meghan’s successful cookbook launch. The Palace made the mistake of leaning into optics and pursuing the same media strategy that it employed with Diana after her divorce from Charles. The strategy failed then and it failed once again in 2020/2021. The best way forward for the monarchy is to prioritize its philanthropic muscle; royals such as Charles and Anne have been wonderful at the job; rather then getting into family drama (which all families have by the way). Just my two cents.


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