Prince Andrew Scandal should be the End the Monarchy…

Before anything, let me express my sympathy and support for the women and girls who were enslaved and abused. Virginia Giuffre ( formerly Roberts) and other girls / young women – your innocence, your vulnerability were exploited by powerful men, and you deserve justice.

In speaking out you are heroic, courageous and to be supported. I believe what your saying and am in awe of your resilience.

Beyond the personal trauma this criminal episode, exposes the whole monarchy, not just Prince Andrew.

The Questions that need answered….

Did the Royal Family / the government / the Queen know about Prince Andrew’s visits to Epstein’s island ? To his mansion in New York ?

Who did his security detail ( who we pay for ) report to and what did they say ? (“Prince on island with lots of teenage girls and sleazy men. Some of girls may be underage.” ?)

Was there a reluctance to confront the Duke with his behaviour? After all he is notoriously a boor and shouts at anyone who questions him ?

If the authorties / royal family / establishment knew what was going on – what did they do about it ? Anything ?

There is a toxic, corrupting secrecy around the Royal Family, and we are allowed to know almost nothing, despite paying for almost everything. They are exempt from Freedom of Information. We’re not allowed to know.

It’s one thing to argue that they are entitled to secrecy because why-should-the-public-know-how much-one’s-holidays cost – but quite another, when the secrecy is harnessed to protect them from being questioned about a very serious and ugly crime. Abuse. That’s the word. Abuse.

Stop and think about this for a moment.

The most reviled and hideous paedophile in the UK in decades was Jimmy Savile. Who Prince Charles counted as a good friend and advisor.

The most reviled and notorious paedophile in US currently was Jeffrey Epstein. Who Prince Andrew counted as a good friend and holiday buddy ( even after his conviction).

Prince Andrew was a patron of the NSPCC ( National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) who campaign against trafficking. UPDATE: NSPCC have since disowned Prince Andrew’s patronage since this article has been published.]

Charles Mountbatten Windsor and Andrew Mountbatten Windsor – arrogant, idiotic, sleazy men – we are told – REPRESENT US. We are told they are role models. We are requested to call them Your Royal Highness. We are expected to pay for their life of luxury.

Doesn’t that make you wince ? Make you angry ?

So here’s the news….The Queen is going to die soon.

So make a stand. She’s must be the last monarch. Argue, cause embarrassment, rattle cages, exploit the up and coming political shitstorm.

No more royals. No more Feudalism. No more secrecy. No more golden carriages and slobbering royal weddings.

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19 thoughts on “Prince Andrew Scandal should be the End the Monarchy…

  1. Based on the title
    So you say the monarchy should be removed because of a hideous crime comited by one relative.
    Ok so an entire police for force should be sacked if one bad cop is in its force
    Same with military and the nhs.


    • As long as there are psychophantic people like Lee, people that doff their cap, courtsey and kiss their Royal arse, they will continue to rule the nation, scrounge off the country’s working class and believe that they are an asset to the land.
      Burn them at the stake

      Liked by 1 person

    • No, actually, I think the monarchy should be removed because it’s infantile, moronic, ant-democratic and it legitimises snobbery and sentimentalises inequality. My objection is political and cultural. And your comparison doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny.

      Liked by 1 person

    • No Lee, Royalty should not exist! Why should one human being bow to another human being. Royalty evolved from the biggest bullies in the village hundreds of thousands of years ago. These bullies would steal land and kill those who opposed them. Do you bow to bullies Lee?
      They eat, shit and bleed the same as all humans! Grow up Lee, stop being a moron!


    • Yes Lee you moronic f@@khead. If you want to lick the arses of people who are completely irrelevant scrounger scum and archaic parasites on society then you are as big a clown as you sound. Get a life you twat and wake up..


  2. Sadly this verminous sleaze ball with avoid prosecution along with many other rich and powerful people around the world… It’s galling that this prick has ponced off decent hardworking tax payers all his life and behave in vile and contemtable ways with impunity… I’d love to see this scumbag prosecuted and end up in prison but sadly his taxpayer funded legal team will make sure that this doesn’t happen…!


  3. No one actually knows what anyone has done this is guilt by association. How many of us have had so called friend who turned out to be paedophiles or other such filthy people no one knows anyone for sure. I do agree however that an end to the hanger on royals being supported off the backs of the working classes should end. Its an antiquated system left over over from days of suppression and opulence which in this day and age should be curbed.


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  5. Every “royal” on planet earth is a degenerate scumbag and the “females” are all men in drag. The Queen probably had Princess Di whacked for daring to divorce the philandering Chuckie poo. UK should have ditched the royals decades ago–you’re forced to pay for “royal” deadbeats who party/commit criminals acts on YOUR dime and yet do not permit the peasants to question them. #NoMoreMonarchy


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